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The Data Lab Volunteers will be learning practical, highly employable, data science skills whilst working on real-world projects that have a civic purpose. This might involve, for example: mapping homelessness, analysing air pollution data or predicting outbreaks of food viruses in the city. The practical, collaborative environment is designed to be similar to the experience you would find in the workplace.

Are you¬†interested in design, journalism, programming, mapping, social science research? Maybe you’re passionate about a particular social problem and would like to learn the quantitative skills to investigate it in more depth. Student Data Labs is the right place for you. We are¬†truly multi-disciplinary and encourage students from all academic and social backgrounds to get involved.

The volunteers are invited to get involved in one or two ways – through our innovation labs or weekly drop-in sessions that aim to build up to the data dives. The weekly sessions will held on Wednesday afternoons but some sessions may be held on Monday or Tuesday evenings, depending on availability. Occasionally the Labs will be held outside of Leeds – we plan to bring the Labs to Bradford and Sheffield in the near future – stay tuned for updates.

Help lead the Labs

Do you work professionally with data? Would you be interested in helping university students learn practical data skills whilst working on civic projects? If so, we want to hear from you!

How do I sign up?

You can sign up via our profile. Alternatively you can drop us an email us at or visit our Eventbrite page to stay up to date with our latest events