Student Data Labs

Based in Leeds and established in 2015, Student Data Labs envisions a future where more students can gain highly sought-after data skills that prepare them for entering the labour market upon graduation. The Labs offer a collaborative space for students from a variety of academic backgrounds to undertake real-world data projects, learning practical skills whilst working on projects that have a social purpose.

Here is a summary of our three main objectives:

1. Train university students in practical data science skills

2. Undertake real world data projects that have social value

3. Co-operate with local organisations and ensure university students are part of the city’s world class open data community


Businesses worldwide are waking up to the opportunities ‘Big Data’ are presenting to them. From healthcare to sport and financial markets, the data revolution is already having a huge effect on our lives.

However, to establish a competitive advantage companies still need skilled data scientists and analysts. There is currently a huge shortage of skilled professionals in this area. Over 56,000 ‘big data’ jobs are projected to be added to the UK economy each year until 2020. Between 2008 and 2013 the average annual increase in advertised positions was 212%. Data Scientists, Analysts and Data Journalists are highly employable but unfortunately access to these positions is not widely available to most students. This is where Student Data Labs, an innovative non-profit organisation based in the United Kingdom, comes in.



Data Lab Volunteers are invited to get involved in one or two ways: through our Innovation Labs or mini Labs that aim to build on the skills and projects developed in the Labs. It’s really up to you how much you would like to commit to the Labs. Occasionally the Labs will be held in other cities in Yorkshire such as Bradford. Stay tuned for more updates or get in touch if you would like to bring Student Data Labs to your city.

Our first Health Innovation Lab is being held at the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics on Saturday 27th of February 2016. To keep updated of upcoming events you can visit our Eventbrite page.

We are additionally recruiting professionals interested in helping us lead the Labs. If you’d like to be involved in assisting university students in learning practical data skills whilst working on civic projects then get in touch!

Please email studentdatalabs@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @StudentDataLabs for more information.