Health Innovation Lab

We’re pleased to announce that Student Data Labs will be holding its first Health Innovation Lab – a data-driven innovation lab for university students.

Taking place at the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, the event will be held on Saturday 27th of February from 10am.

To sign up as a Data Lab Volunteer and find out more, please visit our Eventbrite page or to find out more please contact us

Health Innovation Lab

The data revolution is making waves in healthcare. Innovations in open data, wearable technology, big data and analytics have the potential to save lives. As students, you can be a part of these changes.

Dr. Kirk D. Borne, Data Scientist, states:

“The application of analytics for discovery, decision support, and benefits in healthcare has the potential to radically improve health maintenance, treatments, diagnoses and outcomes in personalised medicine, personal health and population health.”

However, while a lot of students would like to make a positive impact, access to these kinds of skills is not available to most students. Our Health Innovation Lab aims to change that by providing students with the opportunity to learn data skills whilst working on health problems, specifically health inequalities in Yorkshire.

As the world’s only data-driven innovation labs for students, our aim is to enable all university students, regardless of academic or social background, to learn practical and highly employable data science skills whilst working on projects with a social purpose.

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